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New Funko Pop! vinyl Disney Lilo and Stitch VHS Cover.

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In the wake of Stitch Day 2022, Funko has announced the new Amazon exclusive Funko Pop! vinyl Lilo & Stitch VHS Cover.

Disney Lilo and Stitch transformed into a Pop! VHS cover.

Following the success of the popular Funko Pop! Albums series, the Pop! Comic Covers series and the recently launched Pop! Game Covers series, Funko has now applied the concept to iconic and memorable VHS movie covers.

The Funko Pop! VHS Covers series is a combination of a Funko Pop! vinyl figure, pre-packaged in a hard premium protector case, along with VHS cover art of the respective movie. The end product is simply amazing and a must-have for any Pop! and movie collector.

The hard premium protector case measures approximately: 6.8″W x 8.5″H x 3.17″D and can be easily hung on the wall.

Lilo & Stitch is a 2002 American animated science fiction comedy film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures. Lilo & Stitch is Disney’s 42th animated feature film.

The film’s story revolves around two eccentric and mischievous individuals: a young Hawaiian girl named Lilo Pelekai, who is raised by her older, young adult-aged sister Nani after their parents died in a car accident, and a blue extraterrestrial koala-like creature called Experiment 626, who is adopted by Lilo as her “dog” and renamed “Stitch”.

Stitch, who is genetically engineered by his mad scientist creator to cause chaos and destruction, initially uses Lilo to avoid being captured by an intergalactic federation, but the two individuals develop a close bond through the Hawaiian concept of ʻohana, or extended family.

The VHS cover of Lilo & Stitch has been transformed into Funko Pop! vinyl and is part of the Pop! VHS Covers series. The Funko Pop! Lilo & Stitch VHS Cover is part of the exclusive Amazon Disney VHS Movie Covers collection, a separate collection within the Pop! VHS Covers series.

Previous Disney Funko Pop! VHS Cover releases in the Amazon exclusive collection include The Lion King, Toy Story, The Emperor’s New Groove, A Goofy Movie, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas and Hercules.

The Funko Pop! vinyl Disney Lilo & Stitch VHS Cover has a release date in October 2022. Pre-order your Funko Pop! Hercules VHS Cover exclusively at Amazon.

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Funko Pop VHS Covers - Stitch - Lilo and Stitch (2002) - New Funko Pop Vinyl Figures - Pop Shop Guide

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