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Welcome to Pop Shop Guide – The Worldwide Funko Pop! Shop Guide.

Pop Shop Guide is an useful website for Funko Pop! fanatics and Funko Pop! resellers all over the world.

The popularity of Funko Pop! vinyl is growing rapidly and the number of online shops is steadily increasing. But where do you buy, with any confidence, those popular Pop! vinyl figures?

Finding a good and reliable local or international Funko Pop! shop can often be a difficult and time-consuming task.

Pop Shop Guide offers a complete guide with well-known and lesser known Funko Pop! shops. The first Funko Pop! shopping guide with more than 150 different Funko Pop! shops worldwide.

The shopping guide contains well-known Funko Pop! shops like Amazon and Entertainment Earth, but also small businesses or webshops with extensive ranges of Pop! vinyl figures and excellent services.

The Funko Pop! shops are easily arranged by the different continents of the world and sorted by country. From Funko Pop! shops in the USA and the United Kingdom to shops in South Africa and Australia.

All Funko Pop! shops are handpicked by our team, based on shopping experience and third party reviews.

Locate a Funko Pop! shop near you to buy and collect your favourite Funko Pop! vinyl figures.

Funko Pop! resellers and Funko Pop! fanatics can submit their own or their favorite Funko Pop! shop to the Pop Shop Guide.

New shop submissions will be reviewed by our team and will be added to the Pop Shop Guide as soon as possible once approved.

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