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Funko Target Con 2021 with new Funko Pop! vinyl releases.

Funko Pop blog - Funko Target Con 2021 with new Pop releases - Pop Shop Guide

Funko Fair has just ended and Funko Funatics can warm up for yet another new event on the agenda: Funko Target Con 2021.

Target Con 2021: A major one-day Funko event on 2/26.

Funko Target Con is an annual virtual event where new Funko Pop! vinyl figures are released, available exclusively at Target. This year Funko Target Con takes place on February 26, 2021.

A total of fourteen limited edition Pop! vinyl figures will be released during the event. Most Funko Target Con figures will also be available in Target’s physical stores from February 26, while supplies last.

Funko has already revealed seven different Pop! vinyl figures via social media, which can be pre-ordered online at Target. A few Pop! vinyl figures are already sold out, but new figures will become available during the event itself.

Among the Pop! vinyl figures revealed is a Funko Target Con 2021 version of Bullseye, Target’s iconic mascot.

Other limited edition figures released include a metallic version of Pikachu, a figure of Colonel Mustard, from the classic board game Clue, and a 10 inch deluxe figure from Skeletor on his throne. Both Skeletor and Colonel Mustard appear in the Funko Pop! Retro Toys series.

Click here to visit the special Funko Target Con 2021 page on Target’s website.

Target Con 2021 - New Funko Pop Vinyl Releases - Pop Shop Guide