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Funko Pops! With Purpose United States military figures.

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Funko’s Pops! With Purpose honors the United States military with an extensive collection of Funko Pop! vinyl military figures.

Commemorate and collect Funko Pop! military figures.

Funko’s philanthropic-driven project, Pops! With Purpose, connects Funko Pop! vinyl figures with philanthropic causes and charities that matter to Funko’s employees, Funko fans and the wider community.

With a history of community engagement through the Funko Cares program, Funko’s Pops! With Purpose expands into partnerships with new and existing philanthropic organizations.

Since the introduction of the Funko Cares program in 2018, Funko has given back to the community through cash and product donations. In addition to Make-A-Wish America, Funko will also partner with the It Gets Better Project, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Rivit and Operation Homefront.

In honor of the troops and veterans of the United States, Funko has created a military collection of Funko Pop! vinyl figures in memory of those who work hard to protect the nation. The collection is divided into four different branches of the military: Air Fore, Army, Marine Corps and Navy.

Each Pop! With Purpose figure sold has a special sticker and graphics on the box, indicating that Funko has made a charitable donation to the affiliated charity.

Commemorate and collect all the Funko Pop! vinyl United States military figures for your collection!

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