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New Limited Edition The Joker Funko 25th Anniversary Pop! figure in the Pop! Classics series.

Funko Pop news - New Limited Edition The Joker Funko 25th Anniversary Pop! figure in the Pop! Classics series - Pop Shop Guide

Funko has announced a new limited edition Pop! vinyl figure of The Joker as part of the newly launched Pop! Classics series.

Vaulted Pop! figures re-released in the Pop! Classics series.

The recently launched Funko Pop! Classics series features original Funko Pop! vinyl figures from The Vault, re-released with an elaborate and stylish twist.

Classic Funko Pop! vinyl figures, from the early years of the Funko Pop! vinyl line, newly minted and back in circulation.

The new Funko Pop! Classics figures are released to celebrate Funko’s 25th anniversary (1998-2023), and the classic Funko Pop! vinyl figures are released in limited edition Pop! collectible bundles.

The Funko Pop! Classics figures come on a detachable base and are packaged in a silver-tone window box, with the original box numbering including a C for Classics. The box also includes a special Funko 25 years Limited Edition sticker.

The box nestles in a tin protective case, which is lined with a black velvet cushion and is embossed to resemble a vault door, which opens on a hinge to reveal its contents.

In addition to the exclusive Funko Pop! vinyl figure, the tin protective case also includes an enamel Pop! Pin, a stainless steel Pop! Coin and a foil Certificate Card, with biographical information about the Funko Pop! figure.

Only 25,000 pieces of each limited edition Funko 25th Anniversary Pop! collectible bundle will be released.

The first Funko Pop! vinyl figure from the Funko Pop! Classics series, announced earlier this year, is the classic DC Comics Funko Pop! vinyl Batman figure, released as #01 in Funko’s Pop! Heroes series. Lotso from Disney’s Toy Story was released at WonderCon 2023 as the second Funko Pop! vinyl figure.

In addition to Batman, DC Comics character The Joker is also making a classic re-entry and has been announced as the third release of the Funko Pop! Classics series.

Pre-order your limited edition The Joker Funko 25th Anniversary Pop! vinyl figure exclusively at Funko or Funko Europe.

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