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Funko has released thousands of different Pop! vinyl figures to date and the number is growing every month.

Complete guide of Funko Pop! vinyl series.

Due to the large number of released Pop! vinyl figures and the huge number of different licenses, the Funko Pop! vinyl product line is categorized divided into different Pop! vinyl series.

Depending on the type of license, or the company behind the license, each newly released Pop! vinyl figure is assigned to a specific Pop! vinyl series.

The different Pop! vinyl series are uniquely numbered from number 01 and up, and each series has its own unique Pop! text logo, depicted on the top left of the box.

Each newly released Pop! vinyl figure is given a unique number within the assigned Pop! vinyl series. The unique number is printed on the top right of the iconic box and gives the entire Pop! product a more collectible look.

The most common series from the Pop! vinyl product line are Pop! Animation, Pop! Games, Pop! Movies and Pop! Television. All major franchises have their own Pop! vinyl series, including Pop! Disney, Pop! Star Wars and Pop! Marvel.

Some notable series from the Pop! vinyl product line are the Pop! Rides and the Pop! Town series. The Pop! Rides is a series featuring the vinyl figure in a vehicle such as a car or plane. The newly released Pop! Town series, includes a Pop! vinyl figure alongside a stylized version of a landmark building from the source material.

There are dozens of different Funko Pop! vinyl series and every now and then a new Pop! series is released.

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