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Visitors to the Pop Shop Guide will undoubtedly be familiar with Funko Pop! vinyl. But for the newbies we have compiled a Funko Pop! Wiki, an useful informative guide, to get familiar with Funko and everything related to Pop! vinyl.

Complete wiki guide of Funko Pop! vinyl.

The Funko Pop! Wiki takes you on a journey into the world of Funko Pop! vinyl and informs you about buying, collecting, storing and displaying Funko Pop! vinyl figures.

We try to add as much information as possible to the Funko Pop! Wiki and try to discuss any relevant topic related to Funko and Pop! vinyl.

From the founding of Funko in 1998 to the launch of the Pop! vinyl line in 2011. And from the first collectible Pop! vinyl figure up to the chase variants and convention exclusives.

Click here for the complete wiki guide of Funko Pop! vinyl.