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New Funko Pop! vinyl Inspector Gadget figures.

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“Wowzers”, Funko brings back childhood memories with the heroic but clumsy Inspector Gadget.

Inspector Gadget transformed into Funko Pop! vinyl.

Inspector Gadget is a media franchise that began in 1983 with the DIC Entertainment animated television series Inspector Gadget.

The franchise follows the adventures of a powerful but dimwitted police inspector named Gadget as he investigates the criminal schemes of Dr. Claw and his organization M.A.D. Gadget is joined by his niece Penny and her dog Brain, who are truly responsible for thwarting M.A.D.

Inspector Gadget is a cyborg in which working gadgets are built into his body. The gadgets can be activated by calling their name with the words “Go-Go Gadget”. Most of the time the gadgets do not work properly or the wrong ones are activated.

The first Funko Pop! vinyl figures from Inspector Gadget will be released this month as part of the Pop! Animation series. Five different Pop! vinyl figures will be released, including a chase variant and a special edition figure exclusive to Funko Shop.

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