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New Funko Pop! vinyl Ad Icons Foodies figures.

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The Funko Pop! Ad Icons series features Pop! vinyl figures of well-known brand icons and merchandising mascots.

New Pop! vinyl Foodies figures in the Pop! Ad Icons series.

The first Pop! vinyl figures of the Pop! Ad Icons series were released in 2011, featuring Pop! vinyl figures of Count Chocula, Franken Berry and Boo Berry, the iconic mascots of General Mills breakfast cereals.

Most of the Pop! vinyl figures released in the Pop! Ad Icons series are based on food and beverage brands. That’s probably why Funko recently launched the Pop! Foodies line, a separate line of Pop! vinyl figures in the Pop! Ad Icons series.

Despite the nice idea of ​​a separate Foodies line, the new line causes a lot of confusion among Pop! collectors. Mainly because of the numbering on the boxes and the lack of a Pop! text logo, top left on the front of the box.

Normally a new Pop! line or series starts at number 01. Oddly enough, the first released vinyl figure of the Pop! Foodies line is number 78.

But despite the confusion, the new Pop! Foodies line is off to a good start, featuring Pop! vinyl figures from probably the world’s most famous brand: Coca-Cola.

Other vinyl figures in the Pop! Foodies line include Spam Can, Hostess Powdered Donettes and the iconic Kool-Aid Packet.

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