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New Marvel Studios – The Infinity Saga Funko Pop! Art Series figures.

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Funko has announced Marvel Studios – The Infinity Saga line, a new Marvel line within the Funko Pop! Art series.

Marvel Studios – The Infinity Saga Pop! Art Series figures.

Marvel Studios – The Infinity Saga line features Pop! vinyl figures from the six original Avengers: Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye.

Each released Funko Pop! vinyl figure from the line represents one of the six Infinity Stones, with the corresponding color. Space Stone (blue), Mind Stone (yellow), Reality Stone (red), Power Stone (purple), Time Stone (green) and Soul Stone (orange).

The Infinity Stones (originally called Soul Gems) are six fictional gems that appear in comic books published by Marvel Comics, named after and embodying different aspects of existence.

The gems can give different powers to anyone who uses them according to the aspect of existence they represent, and have the potential to turn the wielder into a divine being when all six are held together.

Marvel Studios – The Infinity Saga line is part of the Pop! Art Series and six common Funko Pop! vinyl figures are released, each representing an Infinity Stone: Captain America (blue), Iron Man (yellow), Hulk (green), Thor (purple), Black Widow (red) and Hawkeye (orange).

An exclusive Thanos rainbow variant has been released for Entertainment Earth, where Thanos is depicted after collecting all six Infinity Stones. The Infinity Saga line concludes with an Amazon exclusive: a 6-pack of Avengers on a unique base.

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