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Funko WonderCon Anaheim 2022 exclusives guide – Update.

Funko Pop blog - Funko WonderCon Anaheim 2022 Pop! exclusives guide - Pop Shop Guide

Funko has released the full list of shared retailers for the upcoming WonderCon 2022 convention.

WonderCon 2022 Funko Pop! convention exclusives.

The WonderCon Anaheim 2022 Pop! convention exclusives will be offered online during the event by both Funko and the shared retailers. There will be no lottery to purchase Pop! convention exclusives on Select Shared Exclusives will be available to the public on April 1.

All shared items sold through and retail partners will have the 2022 Wondrous Convention Exclusive sticker.

The complete shared retailers list of Funko Wondrous Con (WonderCon) 2022 summer convention exclusives:

Amazon – Funko Pop! WonderCon 2022 Exclusive
Pop! Disney – Wall-E – #1196 – Wall-E (with Cube)

Funko Shop – Funko Pop! WonderCon 2022 Exclusives
Pop! Disney – The Emperor’s New Groove – #1197 – Kronk (as Angel)
Pop! Retro Toys – Masters of the Universe – #38 – She-Ra (Metallic) (Loungefly Bag Bundle)
Pop! Television – Peacemaker – #1237 – Peacemaker

Hot Topic – Funko Pop! WonderCon 2022 Exclusive
Pop! Disney – Donald Duck – Donald’s Shoulder Angel & Devil (2 Pack)

Target – Funko Pop! WonderCon 2022 Exclusive
Pop! Marvel – Loki – #984 – Boastful Loki

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