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Funko Pop! Wiki: What are the different Funko Pop! vinyl Exclusives?

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Funko releases thousands of different Pop! vinyl figures every year and a limited part of these figures are the so-called Funko Pop! vinyl Exclusives.

What are limited edition Funko Pop! vinyl Exclusives.

Funko Pop! vinyl Exclusives are Pop! figures that are only available from a specific reseller or through a specific event.

The Funko Pop! Exclusives are usually released as an extra figure in a certain series or wave, so that collectors can collect both the common and the exclusive figures.

All Funko Pop! Exclusives are limited productions and are released in a variety of ways.

Funko Exclusives
Funko Exclusives are Pop! figures that are released exclusively on Funko’s online shops and

Funko Exclusives are released regularly and can be recognized by the special Funko Shop sticker on the boxes.

Funko Exclusives can also be released internationally through Funko’s partner retailers. This mainly happens in Europe with the well-known retailers EMP and Large.

Retailer Exclusives
Funko has partnerships with a number of major US retailers such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, BoxLunch, Hot Topic and Entertainment Earth, who are assigned their own exclusive figure or figures.

Retailers Exclusives are released regularly and are generally unique Pop! figure variations, including Glow in the Dark, Flocked or Supersize. Each retailer has their own sticker applied to the box to indicate that the Pop! figure is exclusive to their shop.

Funko Pop! Wiki What are the different Funko Pop! vinyl Exclusives - Pop Shop Guide

Convention Exclusives
Convention Exclusives are Pop! vinyl figures, released exclusively for a comic con, and offered to the public during the event by both Funko and shared retailers such as Amazon, Target and Hot Topic.

Convention Exclusives can be “Booth Only” figures, sold on-site at the Funko booth at the event or convention, or they can be “Shared Exclusives,” sold by Funko Shop as well as the shared retailers.

Shared Exclusives
Shared Exclusives are Convention Exclusives sold by Funko Shop and the shared retailers.

All Funko Pop! Convention Exclusives are recognizable by the unique convention sticker on the box, where the sticker of Booth Only figures differs from the Shared Exclusives because this sticker contains a convention logo.

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