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Funko releases thousands of different Pop! vinyl figures every year, but it is impossible for Funko to keep producing all these figures year after year.

Vaulted Funko Pop! vinyl figures are permanently retired.

Since 2010, Funko has released thousands of different Funko Pop! vinyl figures and every year the Funko Pop! collector is treated to new releases, new variants and new exclusive Pop! vinyl figures.

Most common Funko Pop! vinyl figures are released in certain standard numbers and are likely to be reproduced as demand for the figure increases. But there comes a time when the demand for the Pop! figure drops, a re-production is no longer profitable or the Pop! figure is simply too old.

The production of the Funko Pop! vinyl figure stops, the figure finally retires and enters the so-called Vault. As soon as a Pop! figure enters the Vault, it is labeled as a Vaulted Funko Pop! vinyl figure.

Once a Funko Pop! vinyl figure goes into the vault, it does not come back out. The figure may be produced again in the future, but it will be a different variant.

Vaulted Funko Pop! vinyl figures are popular with many Pop! collectors because of their high collectible value.