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New Disney Princess Funko Bitty Pop! mini-figures.

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Funko has announced a new series of Disney Princess Funko Bitty Pop! mini-figures as part of the new Bitty Pop! miniature collectibles line.

Funko launches new line of Funko Bitty Pop! mini-figures.

Introduced at London Toy Fair 2023 and now announced to the general public are the new Funko Bitty Pop! mini-figures.

The new Bitty Pop! line is Funko’s most recent collection of collectibles and probably the latest trend in compact collectibles. The funny looking Funko Bitty Pop! figures are 1-inch tall mini versions of the most common and popular Funko Pop! vinyl figures ever released.

The Funko Bitty Pop! figures are released in different 4-Packs, pre-packed in boxes where only 3 Bitty Pops! are visible. Each Bitty Pop! 4-Pack includes 4 Bitty Pop! figures in individual acrylic boxes, including 1 mystery Bitty Pop! as a mini chase figure.

All Funko Bitty Pop! mini-figures are packaged in acrylic mini Pop! boxes, featuring the original packaging design of their full-sized counterparts. The bottom lid of the box can be opened to remove the figure, but the Bitty Pop! figure is attached to the bottom lid.

Each 4-Pack comes with a clear acrylic horizontal stacking case, making it easy to display and transport the four included Funko Bitty Pop! figures. The horizontal stacking case measures the same width as a standard 4-inch Funko Pop! vinyl figure.

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A complete Funko Bitty Pop! series consists of 4 different 4-Packs, with a total of 16 different Funko Bitty Pop! mini-figures.

Each Funko Bitty Pop! series contains 4 different mystery Bitty Pop! chase figures, divided into 2x Rare (1/3) and 2x Hyper Rare (1/6) mystery figures.

Following the previously announced series of Disney, Harry Potter, DC Comics, Star Wars and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Funko Bitty Pop! mini-figures, Funko has now announced a complete series of the Disney Princess franchise.

The recently announced Disney Princess Funko Bitty Pop! series features a mix of 16 different mini versions of existing 4-inch Funko Pop! vinyl figures released in the Funko Pop! Disney series.

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