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The Funko Pop! Rocks series is an extensive line of Pop! vinyl figures for music lovers and fans around the world.

What is your favorite Funko Pop! vinyl Rocks figure?

With the Pop! Rocks vinyl series, Funko honors music icons who have left their mark and helped shape the global music industry. Music icons, both solo artists and groups, from different music genres are included in the Pop! Rocks series.

Whether you prefer classic rock, reggae, hip hop or r&b, the Pop! Rock series has a Pop! vinyl figure for every music fan.

The very first Pop! Rocks vinyl figure to be released in the series was a Jimi Hendrix figure as Purple Haze. The figure was also released as a chase metallic version. The next honor was given to The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. Two different figures were released from The King, a 1950’s Elvis and a 1970’s Elvis, including chase versions of both.

Over the years, many different figures have been released in the Funko Pop! Rocks series, and the quality of the vinyl figures has increased over time. Especially the older released vinyl figures have become collector items, due to their exclusivity.

The first group to be included in the Funko Pop! Rocks series was the American rock band Kiss. The four members of Kiss are featured in their famous on-stage makeup. Kiss is also the only group from the Pop! Rocks series so far, of which Funko has released two different series. The first series was released around 2012 and the last series in 2019.

Other iconic rock bands, from soft to hard rock, that appear in the Pop! Rocks series include The Beatles, Metallica, Queen and The Police. Rock artists, including Ozzy Osbourne, Kurt Cobain, Alice Cooper and Jerry Garcia, are also featured.

Pop! Rocks The Police

Funko also honors a large number of legendary hip hop icons, dead and alive. Earlier in the Funko Pop! Rocks series, hip hop formations Run DMC and Public Enemy received their tribute.

Special attention is given to Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G., both of which appear several times in the Pop! Rocks series. The first released Pop! vinyl figures from the series are now very exclusive and have a high collector value. Recently, new Pop! vinyl figures of both legends have been released by Funko.

Pop! vinyl figures from Ice Cube, Lil Wayne, Salt-N-Pepa and Eric “Eazy-E” Wright, complete the hip hop section of the Funko Pop! Rocks series so far.

Many other music icons appear in the Funko Pop! Rocks series. The series is very extensive and continues to grow.

Visit the Funko Pop! Rocks page and find your favorite Pop! Rocks vinyl figure. The complete collection of the series is easily sorted by number.

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