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Collecting Funko Pop! vinyl figures can be a lot of fun, can be time consuming, can take up a lot of space and can sometimes cost a lot of money. But if you can live with all these things, how do you start your own Funko Pop! vinyl collection?

How do you start your own Funko Pop! vinyl collection?

The great thing about the Funko Pop! vinyl product line is that the Pop! vinyl figures appeal to a very large audience. Funko has more than 1,100 licenses with different companies and creates Pop! vinyl figures that appeal to both young and old.

Whether you are a big music fan, a huge movie fanatic, a fanatic sports fan or an enthusiastic Disney collector, the Funko Pop! vinyl product line has Pop! vinyl figures for everyone.

But for both the starting and the advanced Pop! vinyl collector, one thing will be certain when it comes to collecting Funko Pop! vinyl figures. You simply cannot collect all Pop! vinyl figures that have been or will be released. Unless of course you have a lot of money, enough space and all the time in the world to hunt all Pop! vinyl figures out there.

So one day you buy your first Funko Pop! vinyl figure. The start of your own Pop! vinyl collection. You probably bought the figure because you just like it. And that is also the most important rule for collecting or starting collecting Funko Pop! vinyl figures. Do it because you just like it.

Whether you have bought a Funko Pop! vinyl figure from the Pop! Animation series, the Pop! Games series, the Pop! Movies series or the Pop! Television series, the figure itself will often be released in its own series within one of the above mentioned main Pop! series of the Pop! vinyl product line.

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For example, a new movie is coming out and Funko transforms five characters from the movie into Pop! vinyl figures. If you bought one of these five Pop! vinyl figures, four other figures will remain from this particular Pop! series. And here comes the second important rule for collecting Funko Pop! vinyl figures. Think about what you want to collect.

Do you want to collect random Pop! vinyl figures that you like, or do you want to collect small Pop! series, like collecting all five figures in the example just given.

As your Funko Pop! vinyl collection starts to grow, there are a few more rules or rather questions to ask yourself. How much money do you want to spend on your new hobby and collection? And do you have enough space to display all those fun looking Pop! vinyl figures?

Every Pop! vinyl collector will be proud of his or her Pop! vinyl collection and will be happy to display it in a favorite place. But how will you display your Pop! vinyl figures? Do you keep the Pop! vinyl figures in the box or do you display them outside of the box?

It is recommended, in any way of displaying your Pop! vinyl figures, to keep the original box in which the vinyl figure comes. This is to avoid future disappointments, should you ever decide to sell your Pop! vinyl collection.

So in short, if you want to become a Pop! vinyl collector. Think about what you want to collect from the extensive Funko Pop! vinyl product line. Keep a close eye on your Pop! budget and always keep the boxes if you have the space. But the most important thing is to enjoy your current and future Funko Pop! vinyl figures.