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Once you have bought your first Funko Pop! vinyl figure, the second and probably the third figure will follow soon. Your Funko Pop! vinyl collection is starting to grow and it’s time to show it off. But how do you display your Funko Pop! vinyl collection?

How do you display your Funko Pop! vinyl collection?

Buying and collecting Funko Pop! vinyl figures can be quite addictive and the number of vinyl figures in your collection can add up quickly. Recommended to always keep in mind how much money you want to spend on your Pop! vinyl collection.

And of course consider whether you have enough space to display all your Pop! vinyl figures. We do not collect stamps or coins that you can easily store in a drawer.

Every Pop! vinyl collector will be proud of his or her Pop! vinyl collection and will be happy to display it in a favorite place. There are three basic ways to display your Pop! vinyl figures. Display them in the boxes, outside and in front of the boxes or display them without the boxes.

Everyone is free to choose how they display their Pop! vinyl figures, but it is recommended, if you have the space, to keep the original box in which the vinyl figure comes. This is to avoid future disappointments, should you ever decide to sell your Pop! vinyl collection.

You don’t have to buy expensive and luxurious cabinets to display your Pop! vinyl figures. Most collectors use simple and inexpensive shelves or cabinets to display their Pop! vinyl collection. Especially when the collection starts to grow.

Some “in the box” collectors also use Pop! protectors, which protect the box from dust and scratches. This can be useful if you want to stack the boxes on top of each other.

Display Geek

Display Geek is a company that stands out in the world of Pop! vinyl and accessories. Display Geek is the creator of a unique stackable and wall mountable display case for all your Pop! vinyl figures. Affordable display cases made of corrugated cardboard and recommended for every Pop! vinyl collector.