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New Funko Pop! vinyl The Matrix Resurrections figures.

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With the release of The Matrix 4 or The Matrix Resurrections it’s time for a new wave of Funko Pop! vinyl The Matrix figures.

New Neo, Trinity & Morpheus Funko Pop! vinyl figures.

The Matrix Resurrections is a 2021 American science fiction action film produced, co-written, and directed by Lana Wachowski. It is the sequel to The Matrix Revolutions (2003) and the fourth installment in The Matrix film franchise.

Set sixty years after Revolutions, the film follows Neo, who leads a seemingly ordinary life as a video game developer who struggles to separate dreams from reality. Using a programmed version of Morpheus, a group of Rebels free Neo from a new version of the Matrix and fight a new enemy holding Trinity captive.

The first Funko Pop! vinyl figures from The Matrix franchise were released in 2015, as part of the Funko Pop! Movies series, featuring Pop! figures from Neo, Trinity, Morpheus and Agent Smith.

With the release of The Matrix Resurrections, Funko has unveiled a new wave of Pop! vinyl figures with a release date in February 2021. The new wave of Funko Pop! The Matrix figures includes new and improves figures van Neo, Trinity and Morpheus.

In addition to the three common Pop! figures, three exclusive Pop! variants will be released, including a glow in the dark variant of Neo and a second version of Morpheus.

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