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Funko Pop! vinyl Art Series checklist.

The Funko Pop! vinyl Art Series is an exclusive line of Funko Pop! vinyl figures with an artistic finish.

The complete Funko Pop! vinyl Art Series checklist.

The Pop! Art Series features vinyl figures of famous characters, who also appear in Funko’s other Pop! vinyl series.

The Pop! vinyl figures have a painted look with artistic finishes that are recognizable by the character. Each Pop! vinyl figure from the Pop! Art series is painted differently, making each figure unique. In addition, each figure comes in a Funko Premium Pop! Protector and is shrink-wrapped.

The first four releases in the Funko Pop! Art Series have been credited to DC Comics superhero Batman. The four different Pop! artistic versions of Batman were presented to the public at Target Con 2020.

Other releases in the Pop! Art Series include Jack Skellington, Scooby-Doo, Bugs Bunny and Disney’s Fantasia Sorcerer Mickey. So far, all releases from the series have been exclusively assigned to the well-known retailers, including Target, Hot Topic, BoxLunch and Walmart.

Amazon has been assigned its own series within the Pop! Art Series, called the Disney Treasures from The Vault collection.

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