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New Formula 1 Hamilton and Bottas Funko Pop! vinyl figures in the upcoming Pop! Racing series.

Funko Pop blog - New F1 Hamilton and Bottas Funko Pop! vinyl figures in the upcoming Pop! Racing series - Pop Shop Guide

Funko has launched a new Pop! Racing series featuring Funko Pop! vinyl figures of Formula 1 racing drivers.

Formula 1 drivers transformed into Pop! vinyl figures.

Following on from the previously launched Pop! NASCAR series, where NASCAR drivers are transformed into Funko Pop! vinyl figures, it is now time for Formula 1 drivers to get a Funko makeover.

The Formula 1 racing sport is increasing in popularity and after last season’s exciting end, F1 enthusiasts were able to watch the first race of the new season last weekend.

Formula 1 enthusiasts will therefore be looking forward to the upcoming Pop! Racing series, which will feature their favorite Formula 1 drivers. However, some F1 enthusiasts will be disappointed with the early releases of the Pop! series and the lack of proper information in Funko’s design department.

The first two releases from the Pop! Racing series are Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, the two Formula 1 drivers of the previous season’s Mercedes AMG Petronas racing team. Lewis Hamilton, seven-time world champion, still drives for the Mercedes team, only Valtteri Bottas has switched to another Formula 1 team and now drives for Alfa Romeo.

Formula 1 currently has 20 different drivers, so hopefully future Funko Pop! Racing releases will have the right driver with the right team.

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