Funko Pop! New Releases

Funko Popapalooza 2022 with new Pop! Albums and Pop! Rocks releases.

Funko Pop news - Funko Popapalooza 2022 with new Pop! Albums and Pop! Rocks releases - Pop Shop Guide

Funko Pop! and music fans around the world can get ready for the newly presented releases of Funko Popapalooza 2022.

Funko pays tribute to Lollapalooza with Popapalooza.

Inspired by the annual music festival Lollapalooza, held in Grant Park, Chicago, Funko Popapalooza is an annual music related event, showcasing the latest upcoming Funko Pop! vinyl collectibles.

The first edition of Funko Popapalooza (stylized as Pop!apalooza) was held in 2021, featuring many new Funko Pop! vinyl releases in the Pop! Albums and Pop! Rocks series.

Last week the new releases of Funko Popalooza 2022 were presented to the public. Pop! collectors and music fans can look forward to a host of new upcoming Pop! Albums and Pop Rocks! figures and a special music edition of Funko Pop! South Park (boy band) figures.

All Funko Popapalooza 2022 releases will be released throughout the year and will be available at major retailers.

The complete list of Funko Popapalooza 2022 releases:

Funko Pop! Albums
39. Usher – 8701
41. Bella Poarch – Build a Babe
42. South Park Boy Band (Deluxe)
45. Notorious B.I.G. – Born Again

Funko Pop! Rocks
288. Ronnie James Dio
291. Bella Poarch (Build a Bitch Patchwork)
294. Dee Snider – Twisted Sister
310. Flavor Flav
312. Donnie – New Kids on the Block
313. Joey – New Kids on the Block
314. Jordan – New Kids on the Block
315. Jonathan – New Kids on the Block
316. Danny – New Kids on the Block

Funko Pop! Rocks Combo Packs
The Cure (5 Pack)
Iron Maiden (Glow) (4 Pack) – AE Exclusive
New Kids on the Block (5 Pack) – Walmart
Pantera (4 Pack)
Twiztid – Madrox & Monoxide (2 Pack)

Funko Pop! South Park
37. Boyband Cartman
38. Boyband Kenny
39. Boyband Kyle
40. Boyband Stan