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Who is your favorite Funko Pop! vinyl NBA player?

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Funko Pop! vinyl figures can be found everywhere, including on the basketball court. With the Funko Pop! vinyl NBA Basketball series, real basketball enthusiasts can indulge themselves.

NBA players transformed into Funko Pop! vinyl figures.

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the USA and the icons of the playing field have now been transformed into Funko Pop! vinyl figures.

There are a lot of players active in the NBA and it is almost impossible to release a Pop! vinyl figure of every player. But over the years, Funko has released several series of Pop! vinyl figures from popular NBA players.

The Pop! NBA Basketball series is part of the Funko Pop! vinyl Sports series.

The very first Pop! vinyl figure that was released was a figure of Lebron James, who then played for the Miami Heat. After the transfer to the Cleveland Cavaliers, two additional figures of “The King” were released in the Cavaliers uniform.

Quite a few other vinyl figures have been released in the first Funko Pop! NBA series, including Blake Griffin (Clippers), Kevin Durant (Thunder), Derrick Rose (Bulls) and Stephen Curry (Warriors).

Of course, the big star of the Los Angeles Lakers, the now deceased, Koby Bryant could not be missing in the series. In total, three different vinyl figures have been released, which have now undoubtedly become collector’s items.

Due to the large number of transfers within the NBA, Funko released several other series of Pop! vinyl figures. New and improved series of figures with more attention to detail and of course with new emerging NBA players, including Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Kyrie Irving.

Funko has given extra attention to the greatest basketball player ever: His Airness, Air Jordan, Michael Jordan or just MJ. Ten different Pop! vinyl figures of Jordan have been released so far, including figures from his college years with UNC to his championship years with the Chicago Bulls. Funko also released two 10 inch figures of this legend.

A new series of Pop! vinyl figures will be released this summer, with big legendary names including Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Shawn Kemp and Shaquille O’Neal.

So, who is your favorite Funko Pop! vinyl NBA player?

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