Funko Pop! Series

The complete Funko Pop! vinyl Rides guide.

Batman with the Batmobile, Marty McFly with the Time Machine and Michael Knight with Kitt. Some iconic vehicles appearing in the Funko Pop! vinyl Rides series.

What is your favorite Funko Pop! vinyl Rides figure?

The Funko Pop! vinyl Rides series is a unique series featuring a Pop! vinyl figure together with an iconic vehicle from a popular movie, TV series or cartoon.

The very first Pop! vinyl Rides figure, or more accurately figure with vehicle, released in the series was Batman in the iconic Batmobile. A total of five versions of the Batmobile have been released, including a gold and a chrome version.

The Funko Pop! vinyl Rides series was launched in 2013 and soon the first vehicles came “out of the factory”. In addition to the Batmobile, Funko paid tribute to the popular movie franchise Back to the Future, releasing Marty McFly with the Time Machine.

Other iconic vehicles released that year included Scarface Tony in his Convertible, one of the Turtles in the Turtle Van and two versions of Ghostbusters in the Ecto-1.

Over the years, many different figures/vehicles have been released in the Funko vinyl Pop! Rides series, and the quality of the vinyl figures has increased over time. Especially the older released Pop! vinyl Rides have become collector items, due to their exclusivity.

The Funko Pop! vinyl Rides series is a very extensive series and about 100 different vehicles have been released to date. Some examples from the extensive series are the A-Team Van with B.A. Baracus, Cinderella’s Carriage, Smokey and the Bandit and He-Man on Battle Cat.

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