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Since the launch of the Pop! vinyl product line, Funko has released thousands of different Pop! vinyl figures and the number is growing every month.

From chase and flocked to super-size Pop! vinyl figures.

Over the years, the Pop! vinyl figure has grown and changed, both in terms of packaging and in the appearance of the figure itself. The Pop! vinyl figure we know today is usually 4 inches in height and painted with a high level of detail.

But in addition to the standard 4 inch figure, Funko releases several different types of Pop! vinyl figures. Exclusive Pop! vinyl figures with special features, different sizes or Pop! vinyl figures along with a vehicle, such as a car or an airplane.

The special or exclusive Pop! vinyl figures are usually released as an extra figure in a certain series, so that collectors can collect both the original and the exclusive version. Often these Pop! figures are released in a smaller edition and only available at specific shops. The so-called Pop! vinyl shop or store exclusives.

Large worldwide Pop! vinyl resellers, such as Amazon, Entertainment Earth, Hot Topic and GameStop, have their own Pop! vinyl shop exclusives, recognizable by the special sticker on the front of the box.

Exclusive Pop! vinyl figures are also regularly released at conventions, including New York and San Diego Comic-Con. Pop! vinyl figures released at a convention are called convention exclusives and have their own unique sticker on the box.

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Here is a list of different types of Pop! vinyl figures, which are regularly released as shop or convention exclusives:

Black and white: A black and white Pop! vinyl figure is simply painted black and white, without any other color. Often black and white is used to represent a Pop! vinyl figure from the old days.

Chase: A chase Pop! vinyl figure is a special variant of the original released Pop! figure. The chase variant can have small to large differences from the original.

Chrome: A chrome Pop! vinyl figure is covered with a glossy coating that provides a chrome effect. Examples are Pop! vinyl figures with a gold or silver chrome look.

Flocked: A flocked Pop! vinyl figure is covered with a fur like coating, which gives them a soft feeling when touched. It also gives the figure a more realistic appearance.

Glow in the dark: A glow in the dark Pop! vinyl figure will glow in the dark. The figure must first be charged by means of, for example, a flashlight, before the paint on the figure glows in the dark.

Metallic: A metallic Pop! vinyl figure is covered with a shiny coating, which gives the Pop! figure a metallic effect. This metallic effect works nicely on robot-like Pop! figures.

Movie Moments: In the Pop! Movie Moments series, iconic movie moments or scenes are captured in Pop! style. Movie Moments can contain one or more Pop! figures including scene material.

Rides: Pop! Rides is a unique series featuring a Pop! vinyl figure in an iconic vehicle from a movie or TV series. Examples include Batman with the Batmobile and Marty McFly with the Time Machine.

Scented: A scented Pop! vinyl figure has a unique and special aroma, related to the subject or series of the figure. Examples are Pop! vinyl figures with a strawberry or pineapple scent.

Super-size: A super-sized Pop! vinyl figure is a larger version of the 4 inch figure. Usually the super-sized vinyl figures are 6 or 10 inches tall.

Town: The newly released Pop! Town series, includes a Pop! vinyl figure alongside a stylized version of a landmark building from the source material.

Translucent: A translucent Pop! vinyl figure is covered with a special coating, which gives the Pop! figure a translucent effect. Almost invisible to the super heroes among us.

Vaulted: When Funko stops producing a particular Pop! vinyl figure, it ends up in the vault. If the figure is ever reissued by Funko, in a different box from the original, it’s called a vaulted edition.

Iron Spider (Gold Chrome)
Tokio (Chase)
Rajah (Flocked)

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