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Every Funko Pop! vinyl collector loves chase Pop! figures. But what exactly are chase Funko Pop! vinyl figures?

Chase figures are rare variants of common Pop! figures.

A chase Funko Pop! vinyl figure is a rare and unique variation of a common Pop! vinyl figure, in which the design differs slightly from the original figure it is based on.

The differences in design can be very subtle, but also very drastic. Subtle differences in the form of an extra accessory or weapon, to major differences where the chase figure wears a different outfit or has been transformed into a glow in the dark variant.

Chase Funko Pop! vinyl figures are produced at a 1 in 6 ratio, so retailers will receive 1 chase figure for every 6 common Pop! figures ordered. Most retailers randomly ship chase variants, so a collector is never guaranteed a chase figure after a purchase.

A chase figure has the same retail price as a regular Funko Pop! vinyl figure, but the collectible value is generally much higher.

Chase Funko Pop! vinyl figures are recognizable by the golden Chase (limited edition) sticker on the box.