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New Funko Pop! vinyl Trains series.

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Funko has launched a new Funko Pop! vinyl series in the transport/vehicle category: the Funko Pop! vinyl Trains series.

The Funko Pop! vinyl Trains series is on its way.

Earlier this year, in celebration of Disneyland Resort’s 65th anniversary, Funko unveiled the first Pop! vinyl Trains figures.

A set of six Funko Pop! vinyl figures was released in honor of the Casey Jr. Circus Train attraction at Disneyland, a ride-on miniature train attraction based on the train of the same name from the classic Disney animated film Dumbo.

Normally all released vehicles in the Funko Pop! vinyl world are part of the Pop! Rides series. But probably due to the unique design of the train set, all train figures can be linked together, the Pop! Trains figures have been given their own Pop! series.

The Casey Jr. Circus Train has been transformed into Pop! vinyl and will be released in six different parts. Donald Duck leads the train in the locomotive, followed by five different train cars including Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Pluto and Dumbo.

It will be a chore for Funko Pop! collectors to complete the train set, as four of the six Pop! vinyl figures are exclusives.

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